Forest Springs I&M Association, Inc.

Important News, Info, Events, Etc.

Local Area:
Here are some resources for our local area. - All about our small town. - A visitor's guide to our area.
    Boulder Creek weather - A local resident's weather station.

Community interests:
This section is for links to pages supporting the interests of our community members.  If you would like a link to be included here, please send an email to the FSBoardMembers.

    Americans for a "POW/MIA Remembrance" Forever Stamp

Contact Information:
New Phone Number? New Email?

Please Update your Contact Information on the 'Update Contact Info' page. Thank you!

Volunteers  welcome:
We are always searching for those willing to give their time and talents at Forest Springs. Some of the projects in our community include:
    Posting Notices
    Culvert/Roadside Cleanup
    Pool area maintenance

To volunteer just give us a call or simply send us an email at We look forward to working with you!

Good  Neighbors, please make sure to pick up after your pets, especially in the vicinity of our watershed. We don't want our water contaminated.  We all live downstream.

FS Community Pool:
The pool season runs from Memorial Day weekend through September, depending on the temperature/weather. 

    Children under 14 are NOT allowed in the pool
    or pool area alone; they will be asked to leave.

    Please be aware of your children at all times.
    Keep the gate CLOSED at all times.
    Do Not allow your children to open the gate for strangers.
    Please report any 'Non-Residents' in the pool area who  do not live in Forest Springs.
    Please leave your pets at home. No pets allowed in the pool area.
    A homeowner MUST accompany ALL guests at ALL times.
    Do Not give your pool key to anyone.
    The telephone is for emergencies only.

        If you see someone making a personal call please report this.
    Alcohol and glass containers are not allowed in the pool area.

    If you are planning a Pool Party, a refundable cleaning deposit
    is required. Contact to
    make a Reservation; only the upper level near the BBQ may be 

    A homeowner MUST accompany ALL guests at ALL times.

    Each Homeowner receives one card key.
    In order to utilize the community pool, your dues must be paid in full.
    Only one key is provided per water connection.
    For replacement key call email

        Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.
    Lost card keys will be replaced for a nominal fee of $25.

Please contact us if you have any questions, need
clarification or want to report a problem.  You can contact the board at